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Customs Bonds

A Customs bond is a contract that is given to insure the performance of an obligation imposed by law or regulation. In other words, a customs bond guarantees that the party doing business with CBP will abide by all CBP rules and regulations.

Common Customs Bonds by Activity Code


1 – Importer’s Bond

2 – Custodian of Bonded Merchandise

3 – International Carrier’s Bond

       3a – Instruments of International Traffic

4 – Foreign Trade Zone Operator

“People will pull the rug out from underneath you if you do not shop around for prices” 

Your Customs Bond is your livelihood and your current bond provider knows it! You must remain aware of the cost of your bond or you will be overcharged.

Tommy C. May, INC today and inquire about how your company can switch your Customs Bonds today.

Click here for a detailed explanation and a complete list of Customs Bonds 

Obtaining your Importer’s Bond is simple and approval comes much faster when applying for the standard $50,000 continuous bond.


     • Company / personal information (EIN / SSN, physical address,            c         c      

        contact person, contact information)


Switching your current bond provider is easy! The surety will need your


    • Company information (EIN, physical address, contact person,   c        c       c    


    • A current & endorsed copy of your Company Financials (signed   b       b    c       mmby

contact information) and

by an officer of the company)

***NOTE***Surety may require additional information on a case-by-case basis.